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There is power in a testimony //

Revelation 12:11 says: "They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony." When you share your story not only does it remind you of God’s blessing, favor, and power in your life and lead you into greater faith, but it also encourages and imparts faith to others, and releases God’s power to perform similar acts or exploits.

In the Old Testament, the word testimony comes from a word meaning “do again.” Testimonies reveal what we can expect God to do again. No one can argue the power of your testimony, and you don’t need to be a theologian to share it. There’s an incredible story in John 9 of the man born blind who was healed on the Sabbath. When called before the Pharisees to explain his healing, his response was both simple and profound—“One thing I know: that though I was blind, now I see.”

We want to know about how God is advancing His Kingdom through you. Share salvation stories, share healingstories, share deliverance stories, share stories about financial miracles and breakthrough. Release the power of your story by sharing it.

Watch this video from pastor David and then share your story below.

Last Sunday Pastor Brooke shared that she sensed God was speaking to some people about new things He was calling them to. She invited us to write down what came to mind. Immediately a single word came to mind, which I have been praying about for awhile. It involves a kind of technical training that I had no idea how to get. When I got home that very afternoon an email was in my inbox inviting me to receive the very training I wrote down that morning, for free! With this training I will be able to advance The Kingdom in much broader way, right from my home!

- Anonymous

We prayed over a girl that told us she was recently diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension which is an extremely rare case where a type of high blood pressure affects the arteries in the lungs and heart. She said the stories of others who have been diagnosed with this rare disease have not been good. We told her that nothing is impossible with God, and believe He wants to heal her. We prayed over her and she said she felt a heat all through her body and such peace. She told us she had a doctors appointment the following week. We told her to reach out and let us know the report from the doctor. Here was the report she sent:

“Today was my first post-hospital follow up at Shands. I had extensive tests including a PFT (which is a series of MANY different breathing tests and 150% exhausting) a walk test and an echo cardiogram. We are still waiting on the results of the echo but my doctor was BLOWN OUT OF THE WATER at the results of my PFT and walk test. PH patients usually have an “abnormal” result of the PFT due to the decreased lung function as a result of the disease. Mine was NORMAL. 🙌🏻💕 also, they consider levels between 80-100 to be Good/Normal and mine was 105! The walk test— he used the word “stellar” to describe it. I walked at a brisk pace for 6 mins (as instructed) and walked over 1000 feet and my oxygen was at 95% (which is excellent). He said most of his PH patients can’t even walk 300 feet. Also, he is not going to put me on the third medication that he thought he was going to have to— because I’m doing so well.”

- David

I came into Easter service really feeling depressed, broken, lost, and confused. When I first got to church I prayed God if you’re going to work miracles like I know you can, what verse will you have me read to prepare for what you’re going to do. He told me to read Psalm 37:7 “Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for Him to act. Don’t worry about evil people who prosper or fret about their wicked schemes.” After reading this verse, I just sensed God was going to do something big today. During the ministry time I came forward and as pastor Brooke and others laid hands on me and began praying, it felt like a light switch was turned on inside of me. All the darkness was gone. Something happened today. Just as Jesus said “it is finished” and He rose again to prove it to us, I felt God say “it is done” to the depression and brokenness I’d been carrying. I feel like my path to complete healing has been lit up. I can now focus on people I love and with my oxygen mask on first, I can begin to pull people from the fire like Jesus wants us to do. It’s a miracle y’all! God is so good! If you’re struggling, I encourage you to step forward and let us help you. My ego wanted to stand in the way, but instead I kneeled and rested in His presence and He delivered me. It’s real!

- Jorden

Last week Pastor David boldly taught the Value and Necessity of The Tithe.

I have been a faithful Tither and under The Tither’s Blessing for many years. However, Our Father surprised me this past week when my current method of paying my Mortgage suddenly dried up.
I was looking at my Credit Score being damaged, my Standing with my MTG CO. being damaged, plus my Peace being damaged with this whole scenario. I stood on The Word and decided not to panic as the last day of Grace for that payment, the 16th was fast approaching. 3 days before that due date, I woke up, checked my bank accounts and found a Deposit that I wasn’t expecting, with enough in it to not only cover my MTG Payment but 30% more!
Hallelujah!!! GOD Honors those who Honor Him

- Heather

While I was working, I entered a business at one of my stops and encountered a gentleman I’ve seen many times in the past named Mac who I’ve worked with. Expecting to hear about some issues related to the business in line with the work I do, he proceeded to tell me about issues related to another job I get to do… My father’s business ha! I call it a reverse word of knowledge when someone tells you things about their body or pain or how they have medical issues. I offered to pray for him and He said “Yes” and told me he believes in prayer and has had several people pray for him already. He had something he called an eye stroke that is incurable or something along those lines. He went to sleep and woke up blind in one eye.

I placed a hand on his shoulder and started to release the Kingdom. When I took my hand off his shoulder he thanked me and began to turn away. I asked him if there was any change and he turned back and said “oh do you actually believe God heals?” I said I sure do… He began to check out his vision and I don’t know when or how exactly it happened, but it did…He said “ohh my gosh..” I kept trying to figure out what was happening or trying to understand. In the end he said he was 50% better. He had many questions about how this is possible and why did it happen with me and not with the others who prayed, and I shared a few more stories and testimonies about how it’s Jesus who does the healing and the works. He believes Jesus died for his sins and I felt led to pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit which he had never heard of. I finished up my work and came back and I saw him playing with his hands and looking at stuff to see what his range of restored vision was. We prayed for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and God manifested His peace to the point he said he felt like he needed to go sit down from what he was feeling. He asked me if I thought His eye would keep getting better so I just shared a few more stories of other healings that I’ve seen. I know that with God there is no such thing as incurable or impossible…

- Robert

My name is Rob Barth and I want to share my testimony with everyone. My wife Karen Barth died on Tuesday February 19th 2019 after a heroic battle of almost 13 years against breast cancer. Karen and I both witnessed and experienced together many miracles of healing inside and out over the years and we were members of The Bridge Church when we Church of Motion was planted. I only attended a couple of times over the years only because I was dedicated to my home church. That didn’t take away from the love and respect that I held for David and Brooke and the beautiful things that I knew they were doing through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Here is where my most personal and amazing miracles took place. Karen passed away on a Tuesday as I mentioned before and I was right by her side when she took her last breath, which is by far the most heart breaking thing I have ever had to go through and I wouldn’t wish anything like that on my worst enemy. Sunday had come along and I was getting worried about my own health because I hadn’t been able to keep ANY food down since Tuesday. I had this giant knot of grief that was sitting in my sternum blocking any food from making it down to my stomach. Thats when the Lord spoke to my friend and Pastor, Mark Alt and he came and picked me up and took me to Church of Motion. (we were doing a marriage series at our church that he knew I didn’t need to hear)

I walked in the doors of that church not knowing what God had in store for me but I knew I needed healing in the most urgent way, and thats exactly what I got. The worship team began to play and Im sorry I don’t remember the song that they were playing at the time, but the one thing that I DO remember is that giant knot of grief being lifted right out of my sternum! I was instantly starving for food to the point where I was absolutely desperate to get to a restaurant. I was a little angry at Mark for taking me to a place that was crowded and we had to wait! ;0) Thats ok though, he bought breakfast.

In all seriousness, the miracle that I received at Church of Motion was by far the most supernatural experience that I have EVER had and I am happy to tell you that I have been hungry and eating 3 meals a day since that Sunday February 24th. Praise God for that miracle and thank you COM for being an awesome example of the hands and feet of Jesus!

- Rob

I noticed a girl in the hotel lobby who had an ankle brace on. I introduced myself and she said her name was named Katie.

?She asked me if I was a doctor when I asked her bout her foot. I told her about Jesus and that He heals. I prayed for a few seconds over her, just enough time to put my hand on her ankle, then I stood up. Her eyes were a little wide.. asking me what I just did.. I just said it was Jesus and he wants you to know he loves you. I asked about her ankle and she said it definitely feels better. Believing she will experience total healing over the next few days.

- Robert

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