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Easter Follow-Up

Posted on 04/18/17.

Hey COM family, Brooke and I are so proud of the way so many of you “stepped out in faith” for family and friends, by doing whatever it took to get them to Easter at COM. We saw God honor your faith by transforming so many lives at our Easter Services. I know there are a few scenarios you may have encountered with your friends and family on Easter, and I want to give you some input on each of those scenarios:

"My family member/friend got saved/rededicated their life to Jesus on Easter Sunday…Now What?"

First off, that is the best news ever, so celebrate that like crazy and give God all the praise. How amazing is it that God moved through you in a big way to transform your family member/friends life! There is no greater purpose than being a part of Jesus changing someone’s life. Secondly, your family member/friend did not cross the finish line on Sunday, they just left the starting block. God has an amazing purpose for their life. They’re now a disciple of Christ, and disciples continue to grow and begin making other disciples. So it’s very important to help them get in environments where this can happen. A big first step is to bring them back to church this Sunday. Sadly, many churches double on Easter Sunday, and then go back to their normal numbers on the Sunday after Easter. Not only is it crucial they connect to Christ, but also His Church (people). Invite them to come with you to the next Welcome Home Party at COM. Encourage them to attend our Discover Events, in fact, tell them you will go with them. Invite them to come to the Motion Group you are currently in. Look for ways to help them get connected to the family at COM and begin participating in what God is doing here. Every person wants to be needed and known, and these are great ways to see that happen with your family member/friend.

"My family member/friend came to Easter Service, but did not make any type of decision for Christ…Now What?"

First off, rejoice that they came and heard the Gospel. Here’s what you can be confident in, seeds were planted in that person. They heard the good news; in fact they even heard how they could be saved. Jesus said when it comes to the harvest of a soul (salvation), there is planting, there is watering, and then there is the harvest. We saw harvest on Sunday in those that accepted Christ, but for others seeds were planted, or watered, and it’s only a matter of time before the harvest comes. A great next step is to invite them back to church with you. I truly believe, someone can only be in the power and the presence (in church) for so long before they give their life to Christ. You also now have some great conversation starters with that friend/family member. Ask them, what did you think of Easter Service? What did you think of Pastor David’s message? What are you “filling in the blank” with right now? What do you think about Jesus saying he is the only way?

"I invited a friend/family member to church but they did not come…Now What?"

Don’t give up!! The same guy invited me to a young adults group at my church almost every week for a year before I came and was saved. You never know when something may be going on in that person that may lead them to say yes to your invite. Also, the way you live your life around that person is a big part of what their answer may be to your invitation. Live in a way that they want to know more about what is going on in your life. So don’t get discouraged, continue to pray for that person. Remember, the battle is won in the spiritual first. Pray for them daily. And then keep stepping out in faith weekly, doing whatever you can to bring them to church with you.

Lastly, let me encourage you to make bringing/inviting something you do every week. On a normal Sunday, over 80% of people say they would say yes to an invite to church from someone they know. What could happen in our city if each of us saw our circle of influence as the mission field God gave us? I am joining you in prayer for the people God has put around you, and for the boldness to continue to invest and step out in faith for them.

The best is still to come! PD