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Specific Church Needs

Posted on 01/17/17.

Hey COM family, 1-2 times a year we post specific needs at COM that are outside of what we budgeted for. We ask our church family to pray about giving over and above their tithe to meet these specific needs. If you have any questions about a specific need, or would like to provide one (or more) of these items, shoot us an email at Also, all these items are considered charitable donations for tax purposes.

Sub-Woofers - $700

We have had quite a few comments lately about how much better the low end (bass) sound has been in our services. This increase in excellence is because we've been borrowing subs from Grace Community Church here in Sarasota. We were borrowing them to test them out and see how big of a difference they would make in our sound. Grace Community Church is only asking we pay $700 total for them when they are worth $1,400. So they are giving us 50% off what they would normally sell for since were another local church in town.

Motion Kids TV Cart - $125

We are looking for a TV Cart for Motion Kids. We already have a 40” flat screen TV, but because it has to be portable, we're looking for a TV cart to make it easy to move around from room to room. Here is the link to the cart we would like to have.

Motion Kids MacBook Pro Computer - $1,500

This will be used to run services (slides, videos, music, etc) for Motion Kids services on Sundays, and also provide on the spot access to Motion Kids curriculum.

ARC Conference 2017 - $1,500

We as the staff team are always looking for ways to grow our gifts. Going to ministry conferences is a great opportunity to learn and grow together, and it also provides a place to get away together, and build our team dynamics. These conferences always encourage us to dream bigger and gives practical ideas on how we can improve different areas of our church. This total cost includes conference admission, hotel, food, and travel costs. Here is the link to the conference coming up:

Walkie Talkies - $380

These are for communication purposes for our FIT team leaders/security team/Motion Kids Leaders to be able to communicate back and forth. This is for the safety and security of our campus, and to make sure we’re able to communicate well all across our campus. The walkie talkies on the link below are the ones we want. We need two orders (20 total).

T-Shirts - $3,400 (Prices are broken down below)

Motion Kids T-Shirts (for kids) – $400 Given out to kids as a gift.

Motion Kids Volunteer T-Shirts – $300 For volunteers to wear while serving at Motion Kids.

Dream Team T-Shirts - $700 For Volunteers to wear while they’re serving at COM.

Baptism T-Shirts- $400 These are shirts that people wear when they get baptized and then get to keep to help them remember and celebrate their baptism

Give-away T-Shirts- $1,000 Given out to people at the Welcome Home Party and Discover as a gift for joining our COM family. Not only are these a great gift, but a great marketing tool for COM as well.

Outreach T-Shirts - $600 For volunteers to wear at our community outreaches.

Food Donations

We are looking for some local restaurants to donate food for our Dream Team (while they serve) on Sunday mornings and also for our Welcome Home Party (First Sunday of each month). These donations would be considered charitable donations for the restaurant and they would be able to write it off on their taxes. Let us know if you, or someone you know may be able to bless our church in this way.