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Posted on 10/06/15.

Hey COM family, I wanted to share some specific ministry resource needs in our church and ask you to pray and believe with me for them. We are a family, so I wanted to let you know some of the needs for a couple reasons. First, so you can be aware and join us in praying and believing for these needs to be met. Secondly, so you can pray about giving above and beyond your normal tithe to meet these needs. We don't do this very often, but every time we do, our church family has stepped up in a big way. I love being a part of a culture that truly "Leads the way in Generosity". So here are some things we are praying and believing for:

  1. Orange Curriculum for Motion Kids. Orange is an amazing curriculum that our Motion Kids program uses to teach kids about Jesus on a level they can understand. The total cost of this curriculum is $1,875 annually. We've had two families already step up and give $1,300 of this. So we're praying for $575 more. If you would like to know more about the Orange Curriculum we use, Click Here.

  2. A TV that will be used for our Discover Events and for Motion Kids Worship. Total cost is around $500.

  3. Pro-Presenter upgrade. We currently use a program called Pro-Presenter to run the multi-media for service. We have pro-presenter 5 which is two years behind the latest edition, which is Pro Presenter 7. Along with this, we also need to buy a splitter that will split the feed to the 3 screens we use for service. The total cost of this will be around $600.

  4. T-Shirts for all volunteers and giveaways at the VIP Party. Total cost will be around $600.

  5. Rachel Batey (our Motion Kids Director) has asked that we pray for a Guest Services Coordinator for Motion Kids. This person would oversee check-in, greeting, and VIP for Motion Kids.

  6. Cam Stockton (our Worship Pastor) has asked that we pray and believe for a Keys player for Motion Worship. Someone that loves Jesus, loves worship, and loves the vision of this House.

  7. Brooke has asked that we pray and believe for a Production Director for Motion Live. This person would oversee the production team which includes sound, lyrics, lights, and stage help.

  8. Vanessa Lopez (First Impressions Team Leader) has asked that we pray and believe for team leaders for a couple teams within FIT.

  9. BIG PRAYER REQUEST: The lease at our current location ends this year. We are praying and believing for God to either reduce our rent and utilities here at our current location by 50% or open up a door somewhere else that meets our needs at that price. This will free us up to do more ministry instead of Rent and Utilities taking such a big chunk out of what we bring in.

If you have questions, want more info, or would like to give to or participate in any of these areas, email us at

I Love My Church and believe the best is yet to come!

Pastor David