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Raised to Life Sunday

Posted on 09/30/15.

I love weekends! I love doing fun things with my family. I love watching college football on Saturday. I love getting to just relax. But my favorite part of the weekend, is going to church as a family. I love church. It's a blast, and I believe every Sunday God moves in incredible ways when we come together and celebrate and proclaim Jesus.

With that said, I'm praying and believing this Sunday is going to be the best Sunday we've ever had at COM. I believe we are going to see many lives transformed by Jesus and people "Raised to Life" in Him.

Last Sunday I preached a message where we talked about embracing the statement "It's Not About Me", and I asked you to do whatever it takes to invite/bring someone who doesn't know Christ to church this Sunday believing for their salvation. I'm going to be preaching a message called "Raised to Life", and it's going to be a simple gospel message where people will have the opportunity to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior.

So since we're in this together and better together, I am asking you to do a few things:

1. Pray. Pray for boldness and courage to invite. Pray that God would open the heart of the person(s) you are going to invite and bring to church. Pray that they would be willing to come. Pray that God would begin to work in them prior to Sunday. Pray and believe for them to be "raised to life" this Sunday. Pray that the Holy Spirit would draw many people to hear the Gospel, and would convict them of their sin, and they will repent, and turn to Jesus. Pray that what happens Sunday, only God can get the credit for.

2. Refuse to come alone this Sunday. Invite/bring someone to church this week that doesn't know Christ. This could be a classmate, co-worker, friend, family member, or neighbor. Would you do whatever it takes (embrace the uncomfortable, take them to breakfast, treat them to lunch, etc) to get them to church Sunday, believing if you can get them in the presence of Jesus, He will do something great in their life.

3. Participate. Be prayed up, punctual, and prepared to serve this weekend. Let's be prepared and ready to honor every person that God entrusts to our care on Sunday. Let's make sure every person feels loved, welcomed, accepted, and honored from the moment they pull in our parking lot. Let's bring our best, believing this Sunday is someones "One Day". If you're not currently on a team and would like to begin serving, email us at

Can't wait for Sunday! I'm praying and believing with you that God is going to honor your faith and your friend/family member is going to move from "unsaved to saved" on Sunday.

I Love My Church!

Pastor David