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Ministry School

COM is proud to offer Hillsong Ministry School through its partnership with Hillsong Church in Australia to help individuals grow in knowledge of the Bible and leadership skills.

Hillsong Ministry School is a one-year education program designed for Christians who seek to step into a new level of faith and leadership. The curriculum is flexible enough to offer an impressive learning opportunity to individuals from all backgrounds and varied academic abilities. Content is separated into the four courses below:

Each course is 7 weeks long with classes once a week. Classes meet weekly at Church of Motion. In a two-hour time frame, students are part of two lecture sessions and one small group discussion session. Small projects and regular homework assignments are also part of the course. All of these elements empower participants to grow deeper in faith and confidence. Students will earn a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the course.

Tuition Cost:

-$40 per course

-$50 per course if childcare is needed during classes

*Scholarships available based on individual need

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